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For those who follow a vegetarian diet, sprouted grains and legumes might also be worth prioritizing lớn help ensure iron and zinc needs are being met.

Those who followed a vegetarian diet lost an average of 1.48kg more than vãn those on other diets, while vegans lost 2.52kg more than vãn the non-vegetarian dieters.

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Its deficiency are more likely lớn occur in pregnant women, who follow a vegetarian diet, the study said.

It's actually easier lớn follow a vegetarian diet than vãn diets where you have lớn count calories and restrict yourself all the time.

It doesn't matter whether you eat clean, follow a vegetarian diet or eschew carbs; when choice and flexibility turn into obsession and rigidity, an issue is brewing.

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My own grandma once told bủ a horrendous story about a man who died from not eating meat in response lớn hearing my decision lớn become a vegetarian.

Why did you become a vegetarian?

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I became a vegetarian when those "ag-gag" laws were introduced.

She admits that she has not become a vegetarian herself, which we shouldn't hold against her: we all advocate courses of action whose ideals we fail lớn meet ourselves.

Eating is not really a problem, there is always something, and when you become a vegetarian you will see that your metabolic system is also changing.