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What is the meaning of ‘as per your request’?

“As per your request” is a common business English phrase used when referring lớn previous demands. It is also switchable with “Per your request,” especially for those who think that adding “as” is redundant. In reality, both expressions are widely used and grammatically valid.

What is the short size of ‘as per your request’?

The acronym of ‘as per your request’ is APYR. However, this acronym is not very popular and in case of doubt, it might be better lớn just use ‘as per your request’ in order lớn avoid confusion.

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Under which circumstances is it even appropriate lớn use ‘as per your request’?

‘As per your request’ is a very formal way lớn say ‘as you wished for’ or ‘as you wanted.’

‘As per your request’ is, therefore, often used in written correspondence, mainly in business correspondence.

It is both used in E-Mails and also in letters.


Both ‘as per your request’ and ‘per your request’ are grammatically correct and widely used in written English.

‘As per your request’ might seem pretty old-fashioned lớn some. Using something lượt thích ‘as you requested’ is a more modern way of saying ‘as per your request’ and might sound less ‘cumbersome’.

For more synonyms, see the next paragraph, please.

Alternatives lớn ‘As per your request’

Let’s have a look at alternatives and synonyms for the expression “as per your request.”

Per your request

Probably one the best alternatives, you could use “Per your request” when you want lớn exactly mean “As per your request.”

Some would argue that the “as” in “As per your request” is quite repetitive, but truth is, “as per” is largely used in emails.

One example of which is the use of “as per our conversation” in tin nhắn writing, which simply means “as we discussed or talked about.”

However, if you’re in the same boat, then you had better go with “Per your request” instead.

In the real world, both phrases are actually used in business writing without causing any confusion lớn readers.

But, take note that there is a tiny bit of nuance that you might want lớn consider when choosing “per your request” over “as per your request.”

“Per your request” is the more laid-back version of the latter, which means that you could use it when exchanging everyday emails.

“As per your request” might be more suitable in legal writing or other more sensitive tin nhắn exchanges.

So, unless you work in this industry, or you’re writing some official matters, you had better go with “Per your request.”


Dear Lauryn,
Thank you for your tin nhắn. Per your request, here is a copy of your employment agreement. Let má know in case you can’t open the tệp tin.
All the best,

As (you) requested

An even more relaxed alternative lớn “As per your request,” “As you requested” or “As requested” is also another great choice.

Let’s say you’re someone who does not want lớn slow your reader down, and you want lớn always use plain language for better communication.

“As (you) requested” should be your go-to expression in these cases, especially if you’re communicating with a wide variety of people.

For example, you can go with this when you are working for an organization with much diversity in terms of its members.

If you want lớn sound warm and less stiff, don’t hesitate lớn put down the pronoun “you,” as in the next example.

Take note, though, that the use of “you” in English is valid for both singular and plural references.

Example 1:

Dear Ben,
I’m reaching out lớn you based on the tin nhắn you sent last Friday. As you requested, I’ve attached the expanded version of the PLS marketing strategies we have for the quarter. Please let má know if you need further insights, and we can touch base within the week.
Kind regards,

If you feel lượt thích being a bit distant is a good đường dây nóng lớn make, then feel miễn phí lớn omit the “you” in your expression.

You might feel lượt thích wanting lớn increase the formality level of your writing when you bởi not know the message receiver too well.

Example 2:

Dear Paul,
As requested, attached with this tin nhắn is a copy of your performance review conducted on the 26th of March. Please let má know if you need anything else.

Best regards,


In accordance with your request

Something that belongs lớn the more formal side of the spectrum, “In accordance with your request” is something you would reserve for certain cases.

Say, you’re constantly exchanging emails with lawyers, paralegals, or even university professors.

In cases lượt thích these, you might have the urge lớn use more formal language in your correspondence.

But then again, it would be best lớn avoid “In accordance with your request” in your daily interactions with close colleagues.

You had better reserve this expression for more serious topics that also require a lot of courtesy and meticulousness.


Dear Mr. Perez,
In accordance with your request, please see the attached addendum lớn the promissory note dated March 30, 2023. Kindly let má know if you have any questions or clarifications.
Kind regards,
Michael Delacroix, Esq.

According lớn your request

If you want something friendlier phàn nàn “In accordance with your request,” you could also go with “According lớn your request.”

Comparatively, this one still bears a more formal tone phàn nàn “As per your request” and “Per your request.”

You could use “According lớn your request” in transactions with clients, such as when releasing official documents lớn them.

Bear in mind that a comma before “according to” may be needed when it comes at the over of the sentence as an additional piece of information.

But, if you choose lớn use “according lớn your request” at the beginning of the setnence, the comma should come after the whole expression.


Dear Mr. Hayes,
According lớn your request, here is a copy of your Official Transcript of Records for the school year 2015-2019 under the program Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Please let má know if you need anything else.
Angela Hampton

Per request

“Per request” is not a valid alternative for “as per your request” or even “per your request” in emails.

This means that although anyone may get you for using “per request” even if you mean “as per your request,” it needs lớn be avoided.

Grammatically speaking, we would need a determiner lớn make “Per request” valid in order for it lớn mean “as per your request.”

However, “Per request” is something you would see from time lớn time – but not in business correspondence.

“Per request” is a valid expression in other contexts but not as an alternative lớn “Per your request” or “As per your request.”

If you mean lớn say “every request” or “for every request,” then we can validate the phrase “Per request.”

What this means is that “Per request” can bear another meaning when used in a sentence.

It is also likely used somewhere in the predicate part of the sentence rather phàn nàn as an introductory expression.

Here are examples that you can refer lớn for clarity:


We need lớn limit selling the tickets lớn two per request because we limited seats.

The office will charge you $10 per request for an additional key thẻ.

Interestingly, you may also be able lớn use “Per request” as an adjective by adding a hyphen or dash in between.

Since it is an adjective, a noun word or phrase is also expected lớn come after “per-request.”

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They are still allowed lớn read those books but on a per-request basis.

If you want lớn read the journals, you can also opt for a per-request billing method.

Now, if you wanted lớn use “per request” lớn mean “as per requested,” here are some grammatically correct alternatives for you lớn use. 

Again, don’t use “Per request” for this purpose. Ever. 

As requested

Short and clear, “As requested” would bởi you more good phàn nàn harm if you mean lớn say “As per your request.”

This phrase usually goes at the beginning of your sentence as an introductory expression.


Dear Karl,As requested, please see the attached PowerPoint presentation of the last training session we had. Should you have any questions, feel miễn phí lớn reach out.



In line with your request

Bearing a more formal tone, “In line with your request” is something you would also want lớn use for official transactions.

Similarly, “In line with your request” is also something you would use as an introductory element.


Dear Andrew,
In line with your request, please see the attached instructions on how lớn officially tệp tin for a vacation leave. Kindly let má know once you’ve filled out the needed forms.
Kind regards,

In response lớn your request

Still polite in tone, “In response lớn your request” might be something suitable when you want lớn reject a request.

Likewise, this one also likely goes at the beginning of your sentence rather phàn nàn at the over.


Dear Pamela,
In response lớn your request, I regret lớn inform you that I cannot handle any additional tasks. I am also scheduled lớn work on-site, which means I will be out of the office until Friday. I appreciate you reaching out, by the way.
Warm regards,

Following your request

Meanwhile, “Following your request” is something you would use when you want lớn approve a demand.

“Following your request” is also a great introductory phrase for your tin nhắn messages.


Dear Kendrick,
Following your request, attached is a soft and notarized copy of your affidavit of loss. Please let má know if you have any questions.

Alternatives lớn “As per your request” that we need lớn avoid

To fully cover today’s topic, let us also look into certain expressions that may look right a a glance but are in fact not. We have already learned that “Per request” is not a valid synonym lớn mean “as per your request.” 

But there are other expressions that need lớn be avoided in this context at all cost. 

The expressions and explanations below are mainly based on “As per your request” and not from a general point of view.

As per requested

“As per requested” is something you cannot use lớn directly replace “As per your request.”

This means you cannot use “As per requested” as an isolated expression when referring lớn a previously-filed demand.

Instead, you had better stick with “As per your request” in this case.


(incorrect) As per requested, here is your Certificate of Employment.
(correct) As per your request, here is your Certificate of Employment.

As your requested

“As your requested” is also something you should not use lớn mean “As per your request” because it cannot function as an isolated phrase either.

Instead, you had better go with “As requested” when you come across this issue.


(incorrect) As your requested, please see attached tệp tin.
(correct) As requested, please see attached tệp tin.

As per your requirement

“As per your requirement” is a grammatically valid phrase but not as a convenient alternative for “As per your request.”

When you say “As per your requirement,” you are suggesting something lượt thích “Based on what you need” rather phàn nàn “According lớn your request.”

So, it is not right lớn use “As per your requirement” when referring lớn requests previously made.


(incorrect) As per your requirement, here is the downloadable version of the video clip.
(correct) As per your request, here is the downloadable version of the video clip.

Frequently asked questions related lớn “As per your request”

What does “per” mean in an email?

“Per” in tin nhắn writing means “according to” or “based on.” It is commonly used in business stock phrases lượt thích “as per our conversation,” “per your last tin nhắn,” and “as per your request.” Although some would argue that “as per” is repetitive, the use of “per” and “as per” are interchangeable.

What is the meaning of “Per your request”?

“Per your request” is something that means “based on your request” or “according lớn your request.” It is used lớn refer back lớn a previous demand made by another person or group of people.

What is a synonym for “As per your request”?

“Per your request,” “According lớn your request,” “In line with your request,” “As requested,” and “Following your request” are commonly used synonyms for “As per your request.” “Per your request” and “As per your request” are both acceptable in English.

What is the meaning of “As you requested”?

“As you requested” is an expression used lớn refer back lớn a demand made by either one person or group of people. The use of “your” can bear a singular or plural meaning here. This expression is largely used in business correspondence.

How bởi we use “Per your request” in a sentence?

“Per your request” is often used as an introductory phrase in a sentence such as in “Per your request, here is the executed copy of your contract.” “Per your request” is also replaceable with “As per your request.”

How bởi you say ‘as per your request’ in German?

In German, ‘as per your request’ would be “Gemäß Ihrer Anfrage,” or something along the lines of “Gemäß Ihrem Wunsch”.

Example sentence:

Gemäße Ihrer Anfrage werden wir den Vertrag fristgerecht kündigen.


As per your request, we will terminate the contract in due time.

How bởi you say ‘as per your request’ in Spanish?

In Spanish, there are several ways lớn say ‘as per your request’. One way lớn translate this into Spanish would be “Como fue solicitado.” Another formal way lớn say the same is “Según băn khoăn requerido.”

Example sentence:

Según băn khoăn requerido, cancelamos su suscripción.


As requested, we will cancel your subscription.

How bởi you say ‘as per your request’ in French?

In French, you can use the expression “Selon votre demande” or “Suivant votre demande.”

Example sentence:

Selon votre demande, nous vous ferons parvenir les documents requis.


As per your request, we will send you the required documents.

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Is it correct lớn say ‘As per your asking’?

No. A native speaker wouldn’t say that. You would definitely be understood, though. However, you should definitely not use that in formal writing.