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Your great-grandmother would consider what you have the height of style and convenience, wouldn't she?

I want vĩ đại be a grandmother, and maybe a great-grandmother, and tự all the normal things other people can tự.

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In kindergarten, my great-grandmother had just given bầm a new purple jogging suit.

I know what it is lượt thích vĩ đại have an old handkerchief, one that my great-grandmother embroidered.

The same bed my great-grandmother had been born in.

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Many of today's border peoples feel that same empathy: they see in the exhausted figures walking into exile the ghosts of their own great-grandparents.

They have words for grandparents, but no words for great-grandparents, because they never live long enough vĩ đại meet their children's children's children.

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She's ví old that her children are great-grandparents.

His father was absent in prison for long periods, the young magician largely raised by his great-grandparents.

On the one hand, cooking should be simple and traditional, something our great-grandparents could recognize.