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The old people would be unable to tướng pay the rent of a cottage which would have to tướng be built in accordance with the general existing bylaws.

Bylaws vary all over the country.

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They could make bylaws to tướng safeguard that.

Clause 1 enables bylaws to tướng be made.

There is no power at the present time for undertakers to tướng make bylaws for the safety of the public, except in the case of local authorities who are undertakers.

If that notice is properly given, it will be unnecessary at a later date, having fixed the standard and having made the bylaws, to tướng give a further warning notice.

If we are going to tướng start making bylaws for land where the public have no right, it must create an impression among the public that they have rights there.

At the community level, bylaws and other regulations are commonly used to tướng manage natural resources.

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With such a legal-political status also came the self-governing power and authority to tướng pass and enforce bylaws and ordinances.

I changed draft bylaws and altered the paperwork, as advised by government legal experts.

Moreover, all such bylaws were still subject and subordinate to tướng the more general rules and requirements of state, constitution, and common law.

The power to tướng make bylaws was implicit in the act of incorporation.

There was no formal planning system at this time although the housing had to tướng adhere to tướng certain bylaws.

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We use a probit model to tướng analyze the determinants of probability to tướng enact bylaws, since the dependent variable of this model is dichotomous (have enacted or not enacted bylaws).

They claimed that they had complied with the bylaw.

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