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The critic may also examine the other writings of the author to lớn decide what words and grammatical constructions match his style.

Critics have praised both the album and single versions.

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The depot was described by architectural critics as monumental and gutsy, and of being in a solid, aggressive style.

Griffin rejects such criticisms and has debated his critics.

Since airing, the episode has received mixed reviews from television critics.

He made several attempts to lớn combat poverty and class inequality but was unable to lớn make a real difference to lớn the deplorable situation.

Dramatic in intensity, the poem makes a sweeping statement on the deplorable state of the world.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones affected by this deplorable violence.

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In this first incarnation, he was portrayed as a deviant child with a vicious nature, shown committing deplorable acts with his sister.

This was all done in the open air by hand in deplorable working conditions.

There are also various other criticisms as discussed in the democratic peace theory article.

He has criticised attempts by private equity firms to lớn deflect criticism.

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In fact, its fulfillment raised many criticisms for the location believed to lớn be unhappy.

These measures have been subjected to lớn intense criticism.

Women seen as falling short of society's expectations were believed to lớn be deserving of harsh criticism.