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Most of the larger ghettos established choirs, orchestras, theatres and chamber g roups that existed for per iods of months or even years.

Of course, students share their music-making with others through playing in large ensembles and bands, and singing in choirs.

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If we consider the change of repertory, it is based without a doubt essentially on a fundamentally transformed position of the large church choirs relative đồ sộ polyphonic sacred music.

Apart from educational work, the buổi tiệc ngọt was engaged in setting up drama groups, choirs and sports clubs which catered for the cultural tastes, education and physical needs of organised workers.

Apart from the constraints of time, this need not preclude other aspects of musical education, either in the classroom or in out-of-timetable activities such as choirs and orchestras.

Our choirs were in good khuông.

During the middle decades of the twentieth century a new sense of purpose began đồ sộ be evident in grammar-school music teaching with the development of orchestras, bands, and choirs.

He continues: it is common đồ sộ hear the conductors of adult choirs lament that they are deprived of fresh personnel (especially tenors) by the insuf®ciency of school music education.

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Reverberation found in male-voice choirs.

The leaders of the two choirs stood at the openings in the passageway directly below the ambo with the two choirs lined up in front of them.

The primary functions of the institute were đồ sộ furnish music for public ceremonies, đồ sộ furnish choirs, and đồ sộ provide a general education as well as a moral instruction.

Scholars will lament such duplication in print when sánh many worthy compositions still languish in unpublished dissertations or manuscripts, though these editions bring major works within the reach of choirs.

In general, both choirs sing in unison.

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No dễ thương children's choirs here.

Girls and women are serving at church altars and singing in church choirs, often for the first time.

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