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For social primates, safety from predators was primarily accomplished through a close-knit protective social group.

In our model, this field refers vĩ đại a phối of families that comprise a close-knit social network.

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On the other hand, a close-knit network will accelerate changes once they have been accepted into it.

Social destabilization must also be prevented, for example, by treating all, and not only some, members of families and close-knit societies.

For them, apparently, new historicism is not a coherent, close-knit school in which one might be enrolled or from which one might be expelled.

These former soldiers had a strong sense of community as part of parliament's northern army, a close-knit and cohesive army compared with other parliamentarian forces.

Her research is most effective in dismissing the picture of a comprehensive welfare state that some historians have thought vĩ đại characterize harmonious, close-knit local communities.

Those living in the former mining village frequently described close-knit friendships dating back many years.

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The results suggest that we may be optimistic about norms-at least in the context of close-knit groups.

They formed a close-knit group in the thành phố, met periodically vĩ đại discuss strategy, and embarked on another recruitment drive.

For example, dietary habits may be harder vĩ đại change when they challenge the established values, behaviour patterns, and food preferences of a very close-knit network.

The effect is impressionistic, for the close-knit texture makes it impossible vĩ đại distinguish individual lines in the counterpoint.

In our model, at the most local field, we posit that speakers have the most integrated, close-knit social relations.

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First, externality-based arguments require that groups are close-knit.

Besides, as villages are close-knit social structures, anonymous interactions fall outside everyday communicative experience.

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