công khai tiếng anh là gì

His references to lớn drug use and religion caused many parents to lớn publicly denounce his music.

Its employees have publicly expressed interest in reopening the business in a new location.

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Among ourselves it should be mentioned quite frankly, and yet we will never speak of it publicly....

For a number of years, the exact amount that the club owed was not publicly known.

Video in most of the publicly documented or standardized video clip compression formats can be created with multiple encoders made by different people.

The most important conclusion of these publications is that for the efficient and accurate diagnosis of an embryo, two genotypes are required.

The democratic reforms of the 18th century caused a broadening of public education and the publication of innumerable historical textbooks.

He has served as an editor and writer for several independent truyền thông media publications.

Additional special publications include exhibition catalogs, gallery brochures, and school activity guides.

When due for publication a fire destroyed all but several copies of the book.

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Some districts have earlier been official subdivisions and thus have semi-official boundaries.

The semi-official state broadcaster's only concession?

Many formulae of taking us back were floated over the years by semi-official or official circles.

She often represents her elder sister at official or semi-official events.

Authorities invited him to lớn prepare a more substantive work and this resulted in the semi-official history, published in 1919.

Given the scope of malfeasance and years of semi-public whispering, it is exceedingly difficult to lớn believe anyone in a position of authority could not have suspected what was happening.

The information, as sensitive as some of it may be, was shared to lớn a semi-public platform.

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I'm all for people engaging in any consensual activity whatsoever in the privacy of their homes, but things get a little trickier in a semi-public space.

The system of skywalks organizes the circulation arteries into a gradation of public, semi-public, semi-private and private spaces.

Because of their protective role in the lives of ordinary citizens, insurers have long operated as semi-public trusts.