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Takers of inventories enumerated costumes, stage sets and machines for operas and balletpantomimes in the same inventory booklets.

When costumes bởi not clearly indicate the main characters, other factors help đồ sộ distinguish these figures.

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The singers enhance their lyrics with provocative strutting, eye-catching and sometimes outrageous, self-designed costumes.

The costumes are made đồ sộ be appropriate for them, for something uniquely theirs that they bring đồ sộ the character they are playing.

Notably, the tài khoản book lists expenses for the bear costumes.

No major operatic composers designed their own scenery or costumes.

His hair is in dreadlocks, but this plan was apparently soon abandoned (these are, in the kết thúc, only sketches for costumes).

In my mind's eye the characters invoked by this music don't wear clothes, but costumes.

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His costumes were displayed in department stores, and a new species of flower was named after him.

The costumes and stage backdrops were covered with embroidery of high quality.

They never appear in person, but instead are always costumed with the eyeball symbol.

The participants wore costumes in accordance with the group they were supposedly representing - tradesmen, foreigners, country folk and ví forth.

Rather kêu ca explain and analyse, most journalists have instead focused upon the bizarre costumes and even more bizarre customs of the combatants.

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The relation between the contours of the costumes and the composition of the sheet as a whole would thereby have highlighted bonds with neighbours.

Victorian speech patterns, attitudes and topics of conversation, costumes and interiors - all are exceptionally wellrealized.

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