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Journalists were among the key players, encouraging critical debate and public negotiation.

We thank the anonymous peer reviewers for their critical reading of, and suggestions for, this manuscript.

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We thank our peer reviewers for their critical evaluation of the article.

The formal models that are consistent with a critical period rely on innate representations of abstract structure.

Here these hypotheses are replaced by the assumption that f is a nice diffeomorphism in between the critical points.

This potential and the paths are smooth (the same as the repulsive potential function) and there are no degenerate critical points in the field.

Above the lower critical radiation, the plasma generates additional heat flux, and the surface temperature is increased.

A critical developmental task of adolescence, therefore, is the construction of multiple selves in different roles and relationships.

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This critical time gap is a key factor lớn determine the intercept capability of vision-based robotic systems.

The existence of discrete levels of critical water potential is suggestive of specific stresses that cells must accommodate during the acquisition of desiccation tolerance.

Indeed, the presupposition of reliance on such standards is that they have survived similar critical scrutiny.

We compare the parameter values for which there exists a strategy such that the process survives lớn the critical parameter of ordinary percolation.

The great technical problem of such a system is the critical mass of a fission chain reaction, making it difficult lớn miniaturize a fission explosion.

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Unfortunately, many cognitive scientists have opted for a preferred cognitive paradigm while ignoring or misinterpreting critical technical issues.

The average expresses both the moderate quality of the studies and a quite critical attitude lớn the music teaching received.

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