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The last of these examples of fixed assignment is again somewhat curious.

When machine and organizational systems became the tools of dominion, a curious recoding of the entrepreneurial "man of force" ideal took shape.

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Instead of being afraid, the curious nature of children incites them to lớn play.

Such "curious" cases, symbolic of clinical medicine's incomplete professionalization and lingering allegiance to lớn an older, more openly-subjective medical culture, are in fact not uncommon.

This curious contradiction or confusion is a fallacy to lớn which most linguists seem prone.

One might consider part of the cultural background of this somewhat curious state of affairs.

It is particularly curious that the number of solitary females was increasing simultaneously with the number of complex households.

This opening passage stages a most curious scene, indeed, foregrounding the physician's own curiosity and initial inability to lớn explain the mysterious silence of his friend.

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The attempt to lớn discredit sectarian practices asserted the professionalism of regular medicine by implicitly disavowing its curious past as well as asserting its clinical present.

Developed in the age of capital, the term "potboiler" rests on a curious proposition about production: that artists can produce their own fakes.

Even the mythtellers, texts, and social practices mentioned in passing are subjected to lớn some curious transformations.

The widespread association of this disease with a dissolute life-style also explains a curious double standard regarding consumptive women.

A combed skein of hair forms the background to lớn the smaller images, which explains the curious criss-crossing in the crook of the swimsuited woman's arm.

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However, a significant weakness is its handling of sources, which is curious as the work is essentially a doctoral dissertation.

In addition, the editors' decision to lớn include names among the dictionary entries leads to lớn curious inconsistencies.

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