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Spines rammed by table legs busting the strings of ukuleles curling into Black lumps.

A leaf or leaflet was defined as curled if over 30% of the leaf edge was curled upwards.

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The eager boy-men are crouched over its curling exhaust formed by the electric-car track,34 with the electrical toy the satirical equivalent of the electronic countermeasures in the real bomber.

B: during diastole, massive pulmonary regurgitation is directed toward the right ventricular không tính tiền wall, u'hich curls around, and then moves back toward the right ventricular inflow tract.

When the rigid object is moved, it appears to tướng flex and change shape, and be more or less curled as the elevation above eye level is increased or decreased.

In the experimental crosses all the progenies were non-purple, non-chubby and curled winged, showing that they carried one copy of the numb ren, the nb2\nb2 genotypes being lethal.

After lying dying with his legs curled up in a foetal position, he retreats into the bath, then starts all over again, never managing to tướng deliver himself from the womb.

To-day, one gets a horrible piece of paper which curls up in three months.

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She sat curled up in the middle of a bed that was made up with clean linen.

By the time we came to tướng office, that solution was already curling at the edges.

Every opportunity to tướng increase drink sales is seized; in restaurants, night clubs, "pubs", hotels—even the nineteenth hole, even the curling sự kiện, even the bowling club.

My wife tells bủ that to tướng uncurl a curled hedgehog it is necessary to tướng offer it a saucer of hot milk.

I have seen piles of human hair, even the little curls of babies, piled high.

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I am happy to tướng inform him that not only are wigs tax-free but also eyelashes, eyebrows, curls, ringlets, plaits and switches.

I refer to tướng the effect on sporting clubs, golf clubs, rugby clubs, and curling clubs, for instance.

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