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First, one may question whether there are future events that are currently physically necessitated.

There are approximately 700 phonetic radicals and about 140 semantic radicals currently in use.

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Although this way of looking at teaching and learning is currently widespread, it has not always been sánh.

This research reported here aimed to lớn explore this issue among the next generation of clinical psychologists : those currently training.

The acute state includes patients who are currently suffering from an opportunistic infection.

The discrepancy between apparent need and service provision is currently covered by family and spousal tư vấn and by voluntary services.

Studies to lớn evaluate the isotopic fractionation of these synthesis pathways are currently underway.

Currently, the following benefits are legally included: prevention of disease, screening for disease, diagnostic procedures, treatment of disease, and transportation.

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There are cases in which computer-adaptive tests are not currently possible, such as speaking tests in which oral discourse is scored by human raters.

However, the area devoted to lớn organic carrot cultivation plus that under conversion to lớn organic is currently limited to lớn c. 400 ha1.

Second, the semantics of interrogatives as currently understood cannot really be reduced to lớn the presence of an operator in the above sense.

Such departments are currently debating the nature of their subject.

Our knowledge about the physiological effects of the genes for which we currently have sequences available is still limited.

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Currently this is more a belief phàn nàn a concept with convincing scientific tư vấn.

This approach will be contrasted with a currently popular one in which localist representations play no part.

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