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It may be costly if values are stored directly in each node rather than thở being stored by reference.

Floppy disk drives were initially very costly compared to tát the system purchase price.

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However, the materials are more costly than thở that of the lead acid battery, and the cells have high self-discharge rates.

Their furniture is of the most costly wood, and rarest marbles, enriched by skilful and artistic work.

Banks will pass this increased cost to tát their customers which make borrowing costly in whole economy.

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Recent research shows that complex mortgages were chosen by prime borrowers with high income levels seeking to tát purchase expensive houses relative to tát their incomes.

These generous donations are recorded in the letters that accompanied the expensive transmission of specimens, which depended on the goodwill of ships' captains.

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The downside to tát this is that it is expensive and different broaches are required to tát make different sized gears.

Research continues into ways to tát make the actual solar collecting cells less expensive and more efficient.

Typical erasers are made from synthetic rubber, but more expensive or specialized erasers are vinyl, plastic, or gum-like materials.