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Moreover, the usage of a purely mass-memory evaluation strategy improves previous deductive systems, eliminating, in practice, any limitation in the dimension of the input data.

Any deductive discipline based on such a system is a definite discipline or, in the pregnant sense, one which is mathematical.

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To save space, we focus here upon deductive reasoning, and specifically upon syllogistic reasoning.

On this program, the axioms of arithmetic were theorems of deductive logic and thus regarded as known by inference from the axioms of logic.

Principal parts identify the class of non-exemplary items and thereby determine which paradigm will serve as a deductive pattern.

It extends all traditional methods for interacting with the spreadsheet to lớn the new deductive features, in particular as far as formula manipulation is concerned.

Thus, deductive reasoning is suitable among other things for finding correct answers to lớn queries.

Rather, it refers to lớn a specific arrangement of power relations - one that he describes as 'deductive'.

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Furthermore, we have the first steps for a complete deductive calculus for coequations (and also one for conditional coequations), using the results proved here.

This inference differs essentially from the conclusions reached by inductive and deductive reasoning.

We assume that deductive database predicates are partitioned into base and derived (view) predicates.

Since the calculus of deductive closures is infeasible, the partisans of ' 'syntax-dependent' ' belief revision consider knowledge spaces made up of a limited number of sentences.

From this point of view several types of logics, models and deductive systems are missing.

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It begins to lớn perform a more positive, regulatory, and productive role, rather phàn nàn remaining exclusively bound to lớn its traditional deductive, juridical function.

Processing deductive databases under the disjunctive stable model semantics.

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