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Bản dịch của chandelier – Từ điển giờ Anh–Việt




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a frame with many holders for lights, which hangs from the ceiling

Các ví dụ của chandelier


The room was sumptuously swathed in Đen fabric, hung with huge cascading Đen plumes that many who saw them likened to tát feathery chandeliers.

The aura of opulence had gone: chaises-longues and chandeliers had given way to tát desks and cupboards.

It is a chandelier that hangs down and not a candelabra.

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Would not something in the nature of chandeliers be very much more easy on the eye?

We know all about chandeliers.

It was lit by wrought iron chandeliers and the three skylights of cut amethyst glass that allowed sunshine onto parts of the platform.



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The basic principle was expressed by a judge in 1823 ruling that a purchaser could not reject a chandelier after a lapse of six months.

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I had one eye on the chandelier and was looking with the other eye out of the window at some "hen huts" in which the people were then living.

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