dormitory là gì

Those who live far from the centres where programmes are offered are eligible to lớn stay in dormitories.

Some worked as orderlies in the hospital, others as cleaners in the dormitories or other university colleges.

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For example, respondents were asked about dormitory living, classroom and curriculum issues, and the students' hopes and aspirations.

The right front yard would have three or four dormitories, for the male paupers.

In the dormitories, children were assigned beds in no particular order; ages and conditions were mixed; and often, the children lived amongst adult patients.

They tend to lớn have moved around the country, staying with landlords or in common lodging houses, other dormitory-style hostels or poor quality hotels.

However, the affected children were not clustered in a particular dormitory and no links with a particular meal was discernible from the questionnaire.

The toilet was far away from the dormitory room.

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He had loose bowels and rested in the dormitory.

The dormitories, for example, should resemble hospital dormitories, even pensions.

The so-called zoning separated the residential areas (dormitories) from shopping centres, recreational parks and industry.

A case of pertussis in a crowded boarding-school dormitory resulted rapidly in an outbreak.

There were 122 boy boarders in three dormitories, all aged between 13 and 15 years (median 14.2 years).

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The chancellor invited us and five other architects to lớn interview for this project, and he said that he wanted a visionary dormitory.

Roughly equal numbers of boys and girls had been ill and there was no apparent association of illness with a particular dormitory.

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