ex ante là gì

Let us Gọi this the ex ante solution lớn the rationality of deter rent threats.

Unfortunately, we have little information from which lớn construct ex ante predictions of yield variability.

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Deploying these mechanisms is ex ante mutually advantageous, even if we are unhappy with the results.

What has led you back lớn investigate ex ante forecasting?

Put simply, incentives for political manipulation of the economy might vary across election cycles based on the incumbent party's ex ante prospects of electoral success.

Lawmakers must perform research in advance lớn determine the appropriate rule lớn create ex ante.

And a right which provides an ex ante reason is, for this reason, best analyzed in terms of its reason-providing (or justificationproviding, or argument-providing) capacity.

What are needed now are ex post studies of actual outcomes rather than thở more ex ante predictions.

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A simple adjustment, namely, an appropriate scaling down of benefits eliminates the imbalance, but retains the ex ante redistribution.

From this perspective, ex post assessments should be minimized and financing should be ex ante.

In contrast, ex ante funds are preferable when firms have enough capital lớn afford these premia.

However, determining this ex ante from current data is problematic.

What settlement does is lớn make the one-in-thirteen ex ante chance of prevailing the determining factor for all plaintiffs.

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These stock improvements ultimately boosted the profit margins of all primary sectors, including the ones making losses ex ante.

In this method, we use choice information lớn extract ex ante or forecast earnings lớn distinguish them from ex post or realized earnings.

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