eyebrows là gì

He raised his eyebrows, nodded, and made his way to tát the door.

Moreover, the readers' panel collectively raised their eyebrows when they saw take off (one's glasses) included in this mix.

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Elements of predictive value in exploration are perhaps insufficiently clarified and the explanation of shear stress on page 43 may raise eyebrows.

A shor t, wide nose separates the eyes; over the eyes curve strongly arched eyebrows.

She was met by a face with eyebrows raised in hope and a smile hovering.

None of the words mentioned would raise any eyebrows today.

Phillips begins his introduction by reporting that the very theme of the conference raised eyebrows.

He wears on his back the full pelt of a reptilian monster with four flame eyebrows, paw wings, pug nose above a long upper jaw, and open gum brackets.

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They will decide ... (raises eyebrows).

The moment someone utters words such as "interpretation," "authority," and "moral principles" (not to tát mention "natural law" and "legal positivism"), flags are raised, together with eyebrows and hands.

Now, however, he could only communicate by spelling out words letter by letter: by raising his eyebrows when someone pointed to tát the right letter on a spelling thẻ.

I see his long moustache, long eyebrows, his beard and two rebellious locks of hair on his head - all these are as the tongues of a flame.

I did not raise my eyebrows at the idea that these boys of sixteen to tát nineteen should be utilised in connection with this defence.

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There were a few raised eyebrows, but they came along and each side found that the other side was human.

There may be some raised eyebrows at my inclusion of community councillors.

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