freely là gì

In this case, however, the finished portraits indicate that the carver used his measurements for establishing basic features, but then freely interpreted from these.

Then to tát conclude the duet, the music for the oath and the stretta are freely repeated.

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Since one does not see the transparent cloth, the figures float freely in the air.

The initial choice is made freely; those that follow are not.

More importantly, this sort of love seems superior precisely because it is freely given.

If men addressing women could write so sánh freely on these matters, might not a woman adding to tát the list of such books include similar disquisitions?

Freely are we saved, freely are we justified.

Replicators are no longer peppered freely through the sea; they are packaged in huge colonies- individual bodies.

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Capital could flow about freely to tát seek investment, and labour could migrate to tát look for work.

In ideal situations, indoor and outdoor activities will overlap, as children move freely from one to tát the other.

Just how freely women consent to tát this contract is registered in their textual invisibility or discipline.

The thumb and texture of what underlies the thumb are quickly and freely carved.

Residential requirements were applied to tát players to tát stop them moving freely between counties.

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He recognises that one cannot freely choose whether one is born into an age that is healthy or one that is decadent.

All, in different ways, find it more difficult than thở they had anticipated to tát avail themselves freely of metropolitan liberties.

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