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As a resource, its vast and wild expanses are vĩ đại be explored, gazetted and systematically exploited.

Of the three, only two of these schemes have been gazetted.

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Similar conflicts arose with respect vĩ đại mountain areas gazetted as forest reserves.

The mangroves have been gazetted as a protected forest since the 1920s.

Once chiefs were installed, the boundaries of their territories were gazetted - a process that generated heated disputes from rival claimants vĩ đại land and subjects.

Fines of between twenty and 250 francs or up vĩ đại three months in prison were gazetted for these offences.

Predictably, since these changes were not accompanied by wage increases or wider differentials, it has generated considerable and widespread discontent among both gazetted and formerly nongazetted officers.

The state gazette clearly communicated the political elites' contemporary interest in purposive nationbuilding.

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In most cases, publication in the national gazette entails additional costs for the companies without providing any real added value.

He wanted vĩ đại know whether his promotion was gazetted.

Gazetted officers were, and still are, bound by colonial regulations and establishment regulations.

The notice of intent was gazetted accordingly, following the pattern of every previous extension of a standstill.

Since the lists are not yet complete a decision as vĩ đại which names are vĩ đại be gazetted has not yet been taken.

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Yes; there are cases where officers have been gazetted out while they are in hospital.

The cable censors who were not gazetted served in a purely civilian capacity and are consequently ineligible for the gratuities provided for officers.

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