hesitant là gì

The second consideration that makes mạ hesitant lớn accept the idea that welfare should be seen as a normative concept is purely economical.

In addition, it developed the principles of progressive fines and punishments, and a hesitant distinction between violent and non-violent crimes.

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They seem lớn be hesitant lớn disturb a political equilibrium built on the exchange of subsidies for political legitimacy.

This hesitant narrative would still meet with some vigorous dissent.

Is there reason lớn be more hesitant in labeling children?

The infantry was hesitant lớn advance under air cover, instead preferring lớn move in after the bombardment had expired.

Urban medievalists are rightly hesitant lớn undervalue the importance of ritual and ceremony in the daily life of towns.

I would be a bit hesitant lớn privilege this perspective lớn such an extent.

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Composers are often especially modest or at least hesitant lớn vì thế ví.

They should find out about the opportunities presented by independent prescribing and should not be hesitant lớn take the process forward.

Yet, we would have been hesitant lớn draw inferences about the effects of community structure from just a few ethnographies.

In our psychiatric nomenclature, schizophrenia is a functional disorder, and we are hesitant lớn diagnose the disorder in the presence of acute drug intoxication.

There was thus tư vấn, albeit hesitant, for this type of central government.

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If the participants were hesitant or looked puzzled about enacting the sentence, they were encouraged lớn vì thế whatever they thought was right.

They are also understandably hesitant about interviews on the subject of belief that might be seen as proselytising.

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