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There was some hesitation about inviting him.

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Second, if a plan exists which is unambiguously in everyone's interest, then the individual players will not hesitate to tát choose their part of the plan.

It almost seems as if the difficulties surrounding the 1929 conference made everyone involved hesitate to tát approach the issue again.

The authors never hesitate to tát break with earlier accounts and views (including their own) if the data gọi for revision.

Elders clearly hesitated to tát break apart these unions, illicit though they were.

I hesitate and shortly afterwards my xế hộp is burned.

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He hesitated, waiting for má to tát say something.

The woman knows what she wants - namely, suitable revenge - and hesitates only as to tát the means.

This met some criticism after the war, and was a fact the volunteers themselves did not hesitate to tát point out.

Some bilingual programs hesitate to tát introduce reading in two languages for fear of confusing the child, but the research evidence is just the opposite.

If one hesitates to tát accept the methods, concepts, or the conclusions of the author, one cannot help but admire and tư vấn his goals.

Many of the progressive intellectuals did not hesitate to tát praise the post-revolutionary strategy of communal rural development as a truly viable option for peripheral development.

This explains also why some vì thế not hesitate to tát attack colleagues on bracketing, bound variables.

To this kết thúc he did not hesitate to tát break his word on later occasions either.

It hesitated to tát reduce interest rates after devaluation for fear of fuelling in-ation.

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If we can prevent suffering by eliminating syndromes that offer their bearers only a low quality of life then why hesitate?

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