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Since musical notation is a comparatively recent invention, it is not found in early heraldry, though it does appear in 20th century heraldry.

Although he is known mainly for his expertise in heraldry and vexillology.

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A book-lover and antiquarian, he made a special hobby of heraldry and genealogy.

They selected the heraldry symbol of a sea lion to tát represent the organization.

A specific type of crown (or coronet for lower ranks of peerage) is employed in heraldry under strict rules.

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As evidence of this is its emblem, which shows a barrel between two fir trees and a bunch of grapes.

The eagle emblem is surrounded by a ring of thirteen stars (representing the original 13 colonies).

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The central part of the emblem is a stylized red shield, showing a golden sun rising from the base.

We tự not know the man (for that period we can exclude females) whose emblem was the little lobster.

In addition to tát standard usages listed in the law, the emblem has been used in various other circumstances.