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When reacted with sulfuric acid, or reduced with zinc powder and acetic acid, ascaridole formed cymene.

Spread zinc powder and cover it with mercury.

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The zinc powder provides more surface area for chemical reactions to tướng take place, compared to tướng a metal can.

The parts and the zinc powder are tumbled in a sealed drum while it is heated to tướng slightly below zinc's melting temperature.

The negative electrode is composed of a dispersion of zinc powder in a gel containing the potassium hydroxide electrolyte.

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He created small photoengraving machines that could be used by small town newspapers to tướng print photographs and patented several of these photo engraving machines.

Soon after he bought the paper, he expanded the photoengraving facilities.

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His newspapers took new communications technologies -- linotype, telegraphy, telephony, halftone photoengraving -- and used them to tướng reach neglected working-class audiences, shattering taboos and conventions, and engaging them in the political process.

For a photoengraving and copy used.

His chief task was to tướng provide drawings for news stories in the days before photoengraving, however, he also drew editorial cartoons and other illustrations for the paper.