kỹ lưỡng tiếng anh là gì

The center has carefully designed acoustics, and has modern sound and đoạn phim projection systems.

They are usually carefully reared by hand and become as tame and confiding as a pet dog.

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After a carefully planned breakout, most of the prisoners died.

They must be socialized very well and carefully by a primitive breed-experienced handler.

Electrical elements such as inductors and capacitors used in electrical analog computers had to tướng be carefully manufactured to tướng reduce non-ideal effects.

A village near a garrison would usually be ransacked for any supplies.

Drawers from a bedside table in the bedroom were strewn across the bed and appeared to tướng have been ransacked.

This magnificent object has been burned and ransacked at least 18 times (per official/written record) in its history.

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He has also had his office ransacked and papers were stolen.

She ransacks her parents house for drugs, and takes them all.

After a year of deliberations, most of the original screenplay was rejected.

Such a complex and unique experience is the jury deliberation process the outcome of which is profound and potentially lethal.

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After much expense and deliberation the story was found to tướng be entirely false and the claim rejected.

However, after prolonged deliberations, the tuy vậy was given the green light.

It is not perfection for religion to tướng function as a substitute for science, technology, and human deliberation.