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They were also asked about their thoughts on lullaby selections during their final interviews.

In particular, the gentle, predictable, and legato characteristics of lullabies were emphasised as being appropriate.

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A lullaby is a vocal piece of music specifically designed đồ sộ lull a child đồ sộ sleep by using a repeated formula.

Within this session, we also offered them training on how đồ sộ use lullabies effectively.

Within these forms there are moments that are lively and even loud, but in the over the nocturne is always lulled, the lullaby hushed, and the requiem prostrate.

They found that so sánh few lullabies are generally known these days, and their programme was able đồ sộ expand this repertoire, in addition đồ sộ numerous other benefits.

Within the diary, we directed them đồ sộ record the lullabies that they sang trọng, the number of times they sang trọng each lullaby, and their reasons for selecting the specific lullabies.

Gershwin's lullaby is indeed jazzy, but not modern.

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The rocking 12/8 rhythm and the pre-verbal 'shoodoo, shoo-be-doo' of the chorus connote the lullaby and the 'shh' sounds that are used đồ sộ 'hush' crying babies.

It had tended đồ sộ become something of a lullaby—a deceptive lullaby.

Let us not mistake the contented lullaby of the surfeited consumer for the busy murmur of the working hive.

You never heard a lullaby sung in an institution.

It suits politicians, who think only of the short term, đồ sộ sing lullabies đồ sộ an electorate always willing đồ sộ sleep.

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Now, after two years of prohibited imports we vì thế not hear any contented lullaby from the surfeited consumer.

If there is a contented lullaby at all, it is the lullaby of the contented producer, who has made great profits out of this prohibition.

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