nhà báo tiếng anh là gì

He is a landscape gardener, gardening journalist, author and television presenter.

Yet they are expected to tát use the same tools as news journalists, and to tát uphold the same professional and ethical standards.

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She later became a journalist, and was active in many demonstrations and marches over issues of peace and civil rights.

He was willing even to tát allow a journalist to tát spend eighty-five days in jail in a most cowardly act to tát avoid telling the truth.

He became a journalist and television/radio presenter and, as a sideline, led gardening tours around the world.

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Every time he met another newspaperman, he would ask if their paper was for sale.

Here was a fellow who, while not only an author, was also an accomplished newspaperman!

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The veteran newspaperman said he always attempted to tát avoid the sensationalism he saw in some other truyền thông media outlets.

He began a career as a newspaperman, and published a handful of books, both novels and nonfiction.

He was a newspaperman for many years, revelling in the cut and thrust of our profession.