nhầm tiếng anh là gì

This naivet is the premise of humorous stories where she learns about, and frequently misunderstands, everyday things.

The main theme of the poems of this period was the feeling of being isolated and misunderstood by the crowd.

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A "de" may be added in front of a surname that could be otherwise misunderstood as a forename.

However, his attempts vĩ đại help are misunderstood and when the authorities pursue him, he is forced vĩ đại wound a policeman vĩ đại escape.

It is important vĩ đại figure out what of each might be misunderstood.

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They may also mishear allergies, which can be very dangerous.

The effort and embarrassment of mishearing in social gatherings can lead vĩ đại withdrawal and isolation and this social deprivation may contribute vĩ đại cognitive decline.

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The mistake was due vĩ đại mishearing and has been corrected accordingly.

It's not perfect though, experiencing notable delays at times (especially after pressing the voice-control button) and occasionally mishearing you.

But whatever its forms or origins, perhaps what we mishear and re-express is a reflection of what we want vĩ đại hear, of what interests or matters vĩ đại us.