obsession là gì

For such a thought, lượt thích prayer, is easily contaminated by greed, obsessions, fears and self-destructive impulses.

This has led đồ sộ a preoccupation with transcription conventions for recording conversation that, in many people's view, has become an obsession.

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This absence of love, she argues, stems from an overwhelming obsession with the self, and from an excessive preoccupation with consumerism and material acquisition.

The positivist's obsession with establishing the facts as true or false is matched here by an intolerance of moral ambiguity.

The fragmentation, in the language of deconstruction, is originary, and as such it sponsors the irrepressible feminine dynamism that is (this) opera's obsession.

These tomes were never intended đồ sộ grace the nightstand of casual nocturnal readers and the author makes no apology for his obsession with detail.

His accounts of die 1608 wedding festivities display a concern with crying ladies - one so sánh pervasive as đồ sộ seem almost an obsession.

One proband (2 %) had obsessions only, twelve (21 %) had compulsions only, and forty-four (77 %) had both obsessions and compulsions.

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So it's a statement about our obsession with the world of illusion.

Sovereignty was this government's obsession; the police were its means đồ sộ secure it.

The tonic obsession of its first four bars is 'composed out' over its last fifty.

It is this overarching biopolitical concern that gives rise đồ sộ the obsession with the life and health of the nation.

He loves her with precisely the same obsession with which he hates her brother and her father.

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The miraculous devices through which private obsessions, passions and perversions are translated/ disguised into sound is beyond its scope.

Several other incidents later, which our hero meets with the same extreme emotion, he is led đồ sộ further obsession with her as a love object.

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