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To this class belonged the king and court, the higher officials, the professions and craftsmen.

The officials compete in their corruption and flattery, to lớn the detriment of the people.

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This was in open defiance of government regulations which prohibited public officials from engaging in mercantile enterprises such as the lucrative rum trade.

He also accordingly demoted his officials and noble by one rank.

Five elected officials, each elected for a four-year term, govern the tribe.

Federal and state officials had been girding for this possibility, as summer temperatures climbed and mosquito populations flourished.

The government would not countenance propaganda to lớn demoralise officials.

Officials are reminding drivers that is against the law to lớn use their hazard lights, unless their vehicle is stopped or stalled.

He added that he doubted immigration officials had the "training or the expertise" to lớn distinguish which calls were genuinely important, and which were from "crackpots".

Tax officials state that it is for a company to lớn substantiate the genuineness of its claims.

Fourteen government officials had been suspended for the "scam".

Some government officials say the industry is regulated too loosely.

He said it was impossible for the budget to lớn be padded without the connivance of government officials.

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Government officials are in constant touch with the family members of the abductees, he said.

Politicians and government officials out there, are you listening?

Some districts have earlier been official subdivisions and thus have semi-official boundaries.

The semi-official state broadcaster's only concession?

Many formulae of taking us back were floated over the years by semi-official or official circles.

She often represents her elder sister at official or semi-official events.

Authorities invited him to lớn prepare a more substantive work and this resulted in the semi-official history, published in 1919.

The documents have all the right official seals, watermarks and signatures, but they're nhái.

Tell became, as it were, the mascot of the short-lived republic, his figure being featured on its official seal.

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As part of his official duties, he designed the territory's first official seal.

There were also jar handles that bear an official seal impression indicating ownership.

The masters of theology often mix the example for the other facultiese.g., they were the first to lớn adopt an official seal.