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Under this hypothesis, waterspouts or tornados transport animals vĩ đại relatively high altitudes, carrying them over large distances.

It contains heavy precipitation, hail, frequent lightning, strong straight-line winds, and possibly tornadoes and waterspouts.

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While traveling over a toàn thân of water (as a waterspout), tornadoes can turn very white or even xanh rờn.

However, researchers typically distinguish fair weather waterspouts from tornadic waterspouts.

Eventually, the waterspout becomes a visible funnel from the water surface vĩ đại the overhead cloud.

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If he chooses vĩ đại be a plumber, he strives vĩ đại be the best plumber he can possibly be.

Thursday morning, just before noon, a plumber opened the rear wall back of the chimney.

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Plumbers often test for leaks after working on a water or other fluid system.

Independent contractors (e.g. carpenters, doctors, lawyers, and plumbers) who control their own work are accountable for their profit and lost.

Originally, it was trang chính vĩ đại a large number of plumbers and those who sold tools.