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Their roles in friendships changed too in that they needed to tát determine how their friends were responding to tát their illness and adapt to tát that.

Instead, important individuals played essential roles, and their talent and authority was reported to tát be crucial to tát the building's success.

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The extensive chapter on abolition, for example, skims over modes of liberation, the roles of families and post-liberation livelihoods.

Women, work, and caregiving : how bởi these roles affect women's well-being ?

Future research should pay particular attention to tát the disruption of values, roles and social relationships.

There was a stronger rationale for reform and both international and domestic factors played important roles.

Men, women and children in vulnerable livelihood systems negotiate different activity roles and access patterns to tát household capital.

A particularly sensitive issue concerns the registration of voters and the respective roles of the electoral commission and the interior ministry.

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In order to tát facilitate interpretation of the roles that these small parameter s play in the gover ning equations, the equations are rearranged.

The actors not only double up to tát play different parts, but also perform different roles as entertainers, musicians, and storytellers.

She would put on a scarf and play various roles.

Our verb results confirm the joint roles of informativeness and limited resources hypothesized in the introduction.

The same pronoun is used for both masculine and feminine individuals and for subject and object case roles.

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The cotton-manufacturing industry fulfilled different roles in each town, and consequently had a different impact on each political environment.

In this functional approach, the roles of language use and frequency receive greater emphasis.

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