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Personally, he says, "lemon myrtle reminds bu of a hot summer's night barbecue on the patio with the citronella trees in full bloom".

But it turns out some old standbys -- lượt thích citronella candles -- don't really work at all.

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The insect repellant chucks in citronella for andiroba oils from the carapa tree.

Citronella does not deter these mosquitoes in any way.

Some of the most widely available "botanical" repellents contain one or a blend of citronella, tea-tree, eucalyptus, oải hương or catmint oils.

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Three deep-fried oysters come with dips of sambal belacan, cilantro gribiche and lemongrass chilli.

Over 1,500 plant species, including banyan, champa and neem, and 250 medicinal plants, including aloe vera, tulsi, brahmi and lemongrass, were planted.

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Add onions, carrots, celery, lemongrass, garlic, and ginger.

Here, the silky, lightly sweetened avocado mousse is perfumed with lemongrass and lime, which gives the rich milk chocolate a bright, zesty lift.

Next came a portion of griddled goat, sizzling and spluttering with beautifully julienned scallion and lemongrass.