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The differences in the contexts in which these vessels were used indicate that they varied in their suitability to tướng serve in social strategies.

Study of the effect of food on the biology of insects is important in understanding host suitability of plant-infesting insect species.

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These factors include prices and production costs, crop yields, fish productivity and the suitability of land for agriculture or fish production.

It was stated that the employment of a wetnurse was to tướng be decided on the basis of her suitability and her economic status.

Aside from reconfirming the primacy of political experience as a determinant of democratic suitability, the increase in understanding is modest.

Finally, the suitability of a hypothesis always depends on the desired quality of the sought solution.

Therefore, only 414 crops have overall suitability maps.

Suitability of fetal scalp electrodes for monitoring the fetal electrocardiogram during labour.

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Technologies and production systems that improve the suitability of manure for industrial and energy uses should be developed.

The absence of any objective indicators of suitability could result in suitable patients not being referred or unsuitable patients being accepted, or both.

The array was generated by combining the preference and suitability indicators for each of the three governments.

The suitability of an explanation can only be judged against the background of one's other beliefs and experiences.

Table 2 summarizes changes in democratic tư vấn by tracking the combinations of personal preference and judgments of suitability across three government periods.

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However, the deciding factor here should not be accessibility but suitability of a study design to tướng answering the decision makers' question.

The suitability of a particular application for parallel deployment over a loosely-coupled system is determined fundamentally by the granularity of tasks.

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