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Therefore, this model is suitable for the qualitative mô tả tìm kiếm of the indicated regimes.

We have shown that the analysis by the meshless approach is suitable for objects represented as implicit surface models.

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Consequently, they are suitable for real-time controlling of uncertain robotic manipulators.

Thinking about language has become symbolic, with clear and non-ambiguous symbols highly suitable for producing symbolic and rule-like reasoning.

A suitable mechanism with gear trains has been designed for performing the jaw of shoulder and the roll of wrist.

These lines therefore provide very suitable material for experiments đồ sộ investigate the role of candidate genes and pathways.

These lines therefore provide very suitable material đồ sộ investigate the role of candidate genes and pathways.

First, only three dimensions of psychosis were considered suitable for inclusion in the self-report scale.

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Clearly, it is vital that suitable designs are available đồ sộ span the breadth of design possibilities.

Their first observation is obvious: the building's central portal is larger phàn nàn all the rest, which made it suitable for processional entry.

These assumptions hold in many realistic domains and are suitable for a broad class of applications.

Departments would on longer be responsible for delivering those services identified as suitable for delivery at arm's length.

The coupling with available ontology and common-sense engines via suitable interfaces is suggestive for this purpose.

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Objectoriented representations are particularly suitable for complex domains in which cases with different structures occur.

A suitable region would be one where the same kind of normal mode of the many repeat units in a protein dominates the spectrum.

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