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We pegged ourselves, when giving plots we used a tape measure.

All diameter measurements were taken using a sliding caliper, and all circumference measurements were taken using a plastic tape measure.

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A compass and tape measure were used đồ sộ establish the sampling points.

Another prop consisted of a plastic ring attached đồ sộ the over of a tape measure.

The same goes for my tape measure, level, and drill.

The diameter of the central cylinder and the total corm was measured for each cross section using a tape measure.

At 19 sites, a tape measure was run rẩy out along the long axis and a second tape measure was run rẩy transversely across this tape and measurements recorded.

To designate an action the child had đồ sộ perform it or else point đồ sộ or hold up one of the action props (tape measure or platform).

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Would it be the tape measure, would it be the height, would it be the avoirdupois?

One cannot get any nourishment out of calories any more phàn nàn one can get nourishment out of a tape measure.

It reminds mạ of the story of the inefficient tailor who sought đồ sộ make his suits less ill-fitting by not using a tape measure.

To mạ, these brief quotations summarise the present sterling crisis and put the tape measure round it.

He painted a picture of parents wanting choices for their children and measuring the number of yards from a particular school with a tape measure.

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We claim that the assessment of a man's pension should not be entirely tied đồ sộ the tape measure—to the length of the stump.

Those things in human life can hardly be measured by a tape measure or a foot rule.

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