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The state, defined as the governing apparatus, cannot be physically ubiquitous by showing its physical presence in every sphere of the society.

Despite their ubiquitous character, the relation of these features đồ sộ one another and đồ sộ other features in the geometry has remained unclear.

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Previous studies have shown the ubiquitous expression of a branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase among neural cells.

Biofilms are ubiquitous in nature and more than thở 60% of all microbial infections are now believed đồ sộ involve biofilms.

The more perfect and ubiquitous the technology, the greater the workload involved in watching everybody all the time.

Lectins are ubiquitous proteins which are likely present in all eukaryotic and many bacterial species as well as in some viruses.

References đồ sộ the 2005 legislation regarding colonial memory are ubiquitous in these volumes.

Differences in characterization and self-representation are not trivial since they are two of the most ubiquitous constituents of dreaming.

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They are ubiquitous in seasonal and perennial wetlands and are easily transportable after drying into cakes.

Different mechanisms with the same effect are common, even ubiquitous, in biology.

It is ubiquitous in nineteenth-century discussions of knowing and believing.

It was ubiquitous and instinctive, endorsing realignments of social relations and power.

The finding demonstrates well the simplicity of equating co-residence with ' closeness ' and ' care ', and that innovations in constructive familial mutuality are ubiquitous but little understood.

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The force of gravity is not only ubiquitous but also accelerates all terrestrial objects at a constant rate.

While such conflict is ubiquitous, it is not at all clear that its local manifestations in variation are predictable.

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