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Ultimately, its tenability will depend on how irrefutable the assumed tư vấn for the hybrid models turns out đồ sộ be.

Although neither prediction is specified in detail, we are confident they will ultimately guide new research.

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Ultimately, then, it seems đồ sộ bủ, we need đồ sộ construct a neurocognitive model of bilingualism.

In addition, it was ultimately the estate owner who phối the conditions.

Similar reasoning ultimately resides behind the technological imperative that is part of contemporary biotechnology.

Ultimately, the staff should have a chance đồ sộ debrief and review their common experience.

When the patient ultimately deteriorates, the clinical staff should be supported if they decide that there should be no escalation in care.

Ultimately, the kết thúc goals of the two religious traditions are synchronistic, but the differences may yet remain clear and distinct on the matter of process.

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Surely what ultimately unites us here is an interest in past and present social processes, not abstracted entities.

Ultimately, this approach de-professionalizes the applied linguistics community as a whole.

Underlying this motif, therefore, is a dialectical relationship between history and eternity whose interrelationship ultimately redeems time itself.

Perhaps ultimately, behind all the pursuit of geometry and base-figures, lies the idea that there are universal principles that underlie all phenomena and all cultures.

Psychosocial challenge tests as well as pharmacological probes ultimately may be needed.

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Repeated failures of this nature may ultimately result in decay of the irrigation system and subsequent decline of the local economy.

Ultimately, though, corpus-based empiricism must not lose touch with the theoretical linguistic tradition in the study of linguistic change.

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