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But it e could also be a case of more upmarket resorts aping an older fad for staged animal fights.

As early as the 1850s, working-class men's clothiers and outfitting firms tried lớn move upmarket by advertising their "ladies' habit room," implying that their clientele owned horses.

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By the 1930s extensive municipal planning and land speculation had transformed it into a modern quarter with a regular grid of roads, and upmarket middle-class neighbourhoods.

The target article takes self-experimentation upmarket, in the sense that it is published in a mainstream journal (displacing an article based on traditional methods) and đơn hàng with mainstream scientific questions.

Khayelitsha's landscape is dominated by vast areas of informal houses (shacks), intersected by small sub-economic formal structures and some small areas of relatively upmarket privatelybuilt homes.

We are telling our manufacturers lớn move upmarket, lớn increase design input and lớn go for niche markets, but those markets can only be global.

That industry has gone upmarket and is successfully marketing its goods.

Some fear that their colleagues in other housing associations will be pressurised lớn move upmarket.

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We are very strong in upmarket products, for instance, and we are the second largest exporter of textile and clothing products in the world.

There are others which are not quite ví upmarket, but which ought lớn be preserved.

In other words, if tenants pick a house or flat in an upmarket area, they can expect lớn pay the rent or get out.

Some trang chính helps have gone rather upmarket and are interested in counselling and all that.

Compares with buses, it is more reliable, cleaner and fume-free, has greater capacity, is faster and more modern and has an upmarket image.

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Some of them have been closed while others have been converted lớn upmarket hotels.

I believe that at the moment the station is due lớn be turned into an upmarket housing estate.

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