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In the open season from two to tát three hundred cattle are sold weekly.

Other conductive polymers have been shown to tát act as semiconductors, and newly synthesized and characterized compounds are reported weekly in prominent research journals.

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Originally published three times weekly, it became daily in 1855.

Productions include daily news broadcasts, weekly sports shows and debate shows.

He was fatally stricken at a khách sạn suite while preparing to tát leave to tát tự his weekly radio and television broadcast.

Players can also delete shows entirely, as well as add new shows or move shows around on any day of the week.

The ship generally holds enough fresh water to tát keep going for around four weeks.

He was delighted to tát bring trang chính $35 a week playing 78 rpm records and 16-inch transcription discs.

The bodies of two other crewmen washed up two days later, and the third three weeks later.

The scenes were filmed over a full week with two days dedicated to tát the stunt sequences.

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For week-day đô thị vending, the average daily number of serves is 50 plus chips and drinks.

In metropolitan areas, that means a daily week-day delivery service to tát every trang chính and business; in remote rural areas, it means a weekly roadside delivery at the least.

On week-day mornings, entrance to tát the station is limited.

It was mid-morning on a week-day.

Before such technology existed, the only access students had to tát teachers beyond the week-day hours of 8a.m. to tát 2p.m was when they bumped into them shopping at the local markets.

I would weigh in every two weeks at trang chính for accountability.

They're already averaging more kêu ca one sự kiện every two weeks sánh that's not likely to tát happen.

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In fact, the mag says, they resolve to tát see each other at least every two weeks -- presumably, whether they lượt thích it or not.

That $680 cut works out to tát $26.15 more for paycheques issued every two weeks.

The 18-month program requires participants to tát stay sober, attend treatment and tư vấn meetings, and meet with the judge every two weeks, among other requirements.