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Although this way of looking at teaching and learning is currently widespread, it has not always been sánh.

However, even if widespread neolithic societies did share a common mix of problems it would be wrong vĩ đại assume a common symbolic discourse.

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The widespread consultation contributed 811 of the 1,113 suggestions (73%).

The first risk is mistakenly recommending widespread use of the drug, when the drug is not truly effective.

Partly vĩ đại meet this demand, widespread educational reform was undertaken.

Nevertheless, the figures show that such pottery was not concentrated in specific areas, but widespread among the inhabitants.

Widespread childhood immunization should greatly reduce the number of primary cases.

Despite these changes, poverty remains widespread, and options for alternatives vĩ đại institutionalization, such as foster care, are limited.

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Corruption can be widespread at the local government level, even if it is controlled effectively at the central government level.

Utilizing these principles and initially restricting implantation vĩ đại a small and controlled group would secure time for evaluation of these technologies before widespread implementation.

Despite the widespread use of hypothermic arrest, opinion is not unanimous with regard vĩ đại its safety.

Given widespread anxiety about economic security, the articles may have reflected intentionally strategic behavior but also could have arisen through unplanned motivations.

It was a widespread idea that individuals, even whole groups, had intellectual and artistic qualities by virtue of their ancestry.

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A puzzling fact is the existence of widespread over-compliance of banks regarding national and international regulatory capital requirements.

Are there widespread consequences of alterations in astrocyte tư vấn functions?

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