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The only relief victims find is đồ sộ pluck out their eyelashes, again and again, as they regrow every two or three weeks.

I pluck out all the thoughts that distract bủ or take bủ out of the present moment.

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Assuming he can pluck out their eyes first.

Insurers pluck out people who are (and expect đồ sộ remain) healthy, and avoid having đồ sộ pay the freight for people with a higher chance of needing medical care.

The uniqueness of this model is that it allow battery replacement ie battery can be pluck out and in using special tool đồ sộ eliminate waiting time of charging.

It is important đồ sộ note that not all analog proofing systems are capable of rending the low dot gain associated with the process.

The deep inequalities that rend our society complicate efforts đồ sộ reach consensus.

There is a time đồ sộ rend, and a time đồ sộ sew -- not only for your company as a whole, but for your developers as well.

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The hour drew nigh and the moon did rend asunder.

No other family thành viên is required đồ sộ rend changed clothes during "shiva".

It is beyond heart-breaking that it took the death of over 100 patients and suffering of hundreds more for something drastic đồ sộ happen.

She was in a lot of pain, which was heart-breaking.

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Here was a true mating, a yoking of heart-breaking genius.

That's what you tự for love, even if it is heart-breaking.

It is heart-breaking that she appears đồ sộ have gone through with her plans.