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3. "thường ở những nước châu Á", giao thông vận tải

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Vietnamese Cách dùng "pedicab" nhập một câu

Apart from those five pedicabs, there are three additional stationary pedicabs with the tarps displayed on the museum's second floor.

The pedicabs have no schedule and the visits are not announced, so sánh museum visitors will only encounter them by chance.

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The posts on the first floor are encircled by five pedicab drivers.

Many of the 7,000 dead worked in the country's gray economy, driving pedicabs, for instance, or selling food; some were sole breadwinners.

The others were fish vendors, pedicab drivers, a painter, a construction worker and a former barangay official.

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Vietnamese Cách dùng "cyclo" nhập một câu

The cyclo driver blinds one eye of the man who stole his cyclo, but manages to tướng remain unseen by anyone.

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